Classroom Apps

There are a variety of apps available that can be used in the classroom for creativity and student management. A few of the free and free trial ones are listed below for you to try.


This app created by Professor Reed of Capital University in Ohio, not only keeps attendance but also uses flashcards to help you learn your students faces. $4.00
GradeBook Pro
Keep both grades and attendance easily using this app. Check out this recommendation from ProfHack. $9.99
Though this is aimed more at K-12 educators, it’s something to become familiar with. It allows teachers to create seating charts with pictures of their students. It includes grades and attendance features and can be backed up to Dropbox. It also allows teachers to add student info, like food allergies to the student profile.


Allows for group brainstorming using an iPad and iPhones. iPhones are able to send data to the iPad through wifi or bluetooth connections.
This app from the Chinese University of Hong Kong describes itself as the “ultimate mind map application.”
A more expensive mindmapping app at $8.99, MindJet nevertheless allows you to organize concepts and ideas, take notes, add links, and more.
Another mindmapping app, this one has a simple interface and allows you to collaborate with others. $4.99

WhiteBoard Apps

This app has all the standard drawing and text editing tools of a digital whiteboard, but it also has a few extras. You can share in real-time, export as a PDF, and post to Facebook or Twitter. Real-time collaboration can only be done with other iPad users at this time. It does require an account.
ZigZag Board
This app also requires that you have an account. But, that account allows you to share your whiteboard in real-time by initiating a meeting that others can join through a browser. Once you establish an account, you’ll get a tutorial on how to use the app.
This web-based app doesn’t require a download. It’s written in HTML5 so it will work natively with the iPad or with any browser. This is actually a collaborative drawing application that is meant to create flowcharts and wireframes.
This is another web-based app which supports several document formats. It allows for markup and real-time sharing.
WhiteBoard Lite: Collaborative Drawing
This app is one of the most popular in the iTunes store. You can connect with other users via WiFi or Bluetooth. It may look busier than some of the other apps, but the drawing tools can be hidden to make the most of the screen.

Do you have other apps that you like to use and would like to recommend? Please leave us a comment.

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