Jun 23, 2017

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His Excellency: George Washington

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Author: Joseph Ellis

George Washington is not as interesting as Adams. He wasnít as learned. He wasnít as eloquent. He was not a great conversationalist. He wasnít a jerk. He wasnít a very good field general. The list of things he was not is long. But he was a leader. He had presence. I donít think there has been anyone like him since. Iíve been thinking about this. I canít think of a single person that has had his presence. He truly is singular. Ellis tries to paint a more three-dimensional picture of the man, but I donít see it. Well, that isnít true. I see a large marble statue, with some minor flaws here and there, that commands everyoneís eyes and hearts as soon as they walk into its presence. I think this was my favorite book by Ellis.

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